Our Mission Statement


We started this site with a goal, deliver, Honest, Affordable, Up To Date Financial information and advice. Retain members and connect as a group. Having a group community allows us to be heard, problems to be delivered and resolved, ideas to put to the test and thousands of adventurous ways to make an income to be examined.

We know the struggles of everyday life, we have been there also. Whether it's money for kids, mortgage, college, car repair, illness, at some point all of us have lived pay check to pay check. We want members to say this is different from other sites just trying to make a dollar. We want you to succeed and prosper.

Another part of our mission is to listen and be attentive to your needs. If we do not have something on site you're looking for, simply make a suggestion and we'll try to make it happen. If it will help in someone succeeding financially we want to have it available.

In closing, we want your experience to far exceed your expectations.